Badgers possessed by Welsh demons PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 December 2011 10:24

RESULT: Cardiff Demons 17 - 1 Honey Badgers.

A short- benched Badgers squad made the trip across the border, but failed to exorcise the Demons who romped to an early 5-0 lead after the 1st period. Having shaken off the bus legs and regrouped, period 2 saw Wells score his second for the club, whilst Bennett in nets held firm for a 1-2 period. In a disastrous final 3rd, the Demons slotted home 10 to give the scoreline a lopsided look.

Speaking after the game, Assistant GM Simon Manning blamed the faulty minibus heating for at least 16 of the goals. GM Steuart Durham was unavailable for comment.

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