Written by Andrew Roy   
Monday, 04 March 2019 10:05

What a game!!! The Badgers took to the ice short benched, but that wasn’t going to keep them down and with a lot of determination and resilience they overcame the onslaught that the Peterborough Predators fired at them to take the victory!!

The game started very quickly with a pair of goals and the first of many penalty’s that the Predators would pick up for the night, they looked to control the game with taking it to the body a little but both went in at the first 2-2

The Badgers pressed on in the second firing 4 more goals with two of them coming within a minute of each other, the Preds called a time out to try and regroup and go again. But the Badgers held on to the lead to draw out the period 6-2

The third period was always going to the hardest for the Coventry boys as the legs started to show with the extra skaters the Predators had on them, but the Badgers dug deep and carried on were they left of and despite the little tricks to turn the game into a tit for tat the Badgers stayed the course and didn’t get involved as the penalty minutes started to clock up for the Preds. The Honey Badgers went on to see the game out with adding a few more to the tally to finish 9-2 winners.

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