Nottingham City Cyclones 7-4 Honey Badgers PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 28 January 2022 11:34

Coventry’s Premier Rec Teamtm arrived at the Motorpoint Arena bolstered by the return of the Surminski brothers (the better one and the other one) from Covid-19 protocol. It was new maroon uniform night for the Badgers, the Cyclones also sporting their smart new white training jerseys.

In a first period sponsored by Sport In Science Energy Gels, Handsome Captain David Drysdale dazzled with an early hat trick to give the visitors a 3-2 lead. In the Badgers net, Young James Harman put on a goaltending clinic throughout the middle period until a controversial penalty shot was awarded to the visitors, having been denied a very unclear goalscoring opportunity. The Cyclones netted, but just a minute later Captain Drysdale rose again to reclaim the lead.

The turning point of the game came at the end of the period as a last-second shot crossed the goal line just after the buzzer, to see the home side draw level once again. Lead by their Captain who possesses National League hair & moustache, recreational skills and chirps from the Under-10s league, the Cyclones would take control of the third period, netting 3 unanswered goals.

Man of the Match was presented to Young James Harman, and the hard-work hat awarded to defenseman Jörn Jürgen Brauner for a solid debut. Vorsprung durch T-Blades.

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