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Monday, 14 November 2011 12:21


The Honey Badgers of Coventry Rec Ice Hockey Club was officially registered with the English Ice Hockey Association in September 2011.



The first game was played on November 12 2011 against local rivals Coventry Bruins. The Honey Badgers lost 2-27.



The first goal was scored by Mark Wells during the first game against the Coventry Bruins. The goal was timed at 32:31 and the assist went to Paul Wheeler.



The first penalty was awarded against Matt Rollins who got a 2 minute minor for tripping in the first game against the Coventry Bruins. The penalty was timed at 32:58



The first Man of the Match was John "Lamby" Nurden in our first game against the Coventry Bruins.



The first game the Badgers didn't lose was against the Cardiff Bay Lightning on December 10th 2011. The final score was 2-2



The first road game was against the Cardiff Demons on December 17th 2011. The Honey Badgers lost 17-1



The first road goal, against the Cardiff Demons, was also scored by Mark Wells at 42:59. Unfortunately for Mark the Demons recorded the scorer on the game sheet as Luke Smith who actually got the assist.



The first game penalty was awarded against Tom Walker for accidental high sticks against the Cardiff Bay Lightning on December 10th 2011. The penalty was timed at 55:59.



The first match penalty was awarded against Scott Bonsor for roughing against the Solihull Vipers on February 5th 2012. Scott did a great job sticking up for team mate Matt Rollins who was on the receiving end of an aggressive slash at 58:22. Later Scott would receive a 3 match ban for this fight.



The first hat trick was scored by Simon Manning against the Wyre Seaguls on March 24th 2012. The final result was 9-18 (lost to the Seagulls)



The first win was at home against the Sheffield Vipers on January 14th 2012. The result of this game was 5-3.



The first road win was in Oxford on July 15th 2012 against the Oxford Shooting Starts. The result of this game was 0-13.



The road win against the Oxford Shooting Starts was also the Badgers' first shut-out. Colin Bennet was in goal for this game and, according to the stats supplies by the home team, faced 20 shots on goal.



The 100th goal for the Honey Badgers was scored by Matt Rollins on March 9th 2013 at Grimsby Leisure Centre against the Grimsby Lightning. The even handed goal was timed at 22:34 and assists came from Simon Manning and Steuart Durham. Honey Badgers went on to lose this game 12-3.


On January 7th 2018 Matt Rollins also became the first player to play 100 games with the Honey Badgers. This was an away game in Peterborough against the Cambridge Eskimos, Matt also scored in this game although the official gamesheet only credits him for 2 assists - and a 2 minute penalty! The final score was 22-4 to the Eskimos.

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